Getting Your FSUCard

What to Bring

1. FSUID or EMPLID Number
Your FSUID is what you use to sign in to your myFSU portal. To locate your EMPLID, sign in to, select secure apps and then FSUID Identity Management.

2. Physical Government-Issued Photo ID
Obtaining your FSUCard requires a valid driver's license, state ID card, permanent residency card, military ID, LDMV ID or current passport/passport card. Pictures or printouts of IDs will not be accepted.

3. Smile!
This is a photo ID card, so we will be taking your picture. If you need special accommodations for the picture, please speak with a member of our staff.


Replacement Card Fee
FSUCard replacements are $15. The replacement fee for a stolen card may be waived if official documentation (i.e. police report, police business card with case number) is presented at time of card issuance in either a physical or electronic form. This fee will also be waived for legal name changes or change of University affiliation, as long as proper documentation is presented.

Term Fee
A $10 card fee is assessed semi-annually on the basis of $5 for each Fall and Spring Semester to ALL FSU students. This fee is included with your tuition at the beginning of each semester.

FSUCard Holder Terms & Conditions

I certify the information I have provided is correct and accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.
I understand there is a fee for any replacement FSUCard.
I understand there is an annual FSUCard fee as allowed by 1009.24.13.c, Florida Statute and authorized by the FSU Board of Trustees.
I understand that the Board of Trustees has authorized an inactivity fee for FSUCash if I do not use my FSUCash account for twelve (12) consecutive months. This inactivity fee will not cause my FSUCash account to go into a negative balance and all other uses of the FSUCard will not be affected.
I understand my FSUCard will expire five (5) years from the date I sign this Agreement. To renew my FSUCard after the expiration, I will need to visit the FSUCard Center.
I understand that by lending my FSUCard to another party is in violation of the Student Conduct Code, 6C2-3.004(5)(j); of FSU Guidelines for Disciplinary Action for USPS employees in 6C2-4.070, F.A.C.; A&P employees 6C2-4.0592, F.A.C.
I acknowledge that in the case of an emergency, without my consent, the information contained in this agreement may be released to protect the health and safety of myself and/or others. Authority: 228.093(3)(d)(8), Florida Statutes.
The Federal Privacy Act of 1974 allows colleges and universities to require the disclosure of Social Security numbers for the purpose of identification and verification of student records, including registration, financial aid, and academic records, and for verification of identity in connection with the provision of its services. The University does not use your Social Security number for student identification.